Arosio Fonderia Srl has been operating in the aluminum die-casting sector for more than

Thanks to a balance between stability and a desire for innovation, it remains a point of reference among small to medium-sized enterprises in the industry.

Our facility is located in Pessano con Bornago, extending over an area of 2000 square meters and , housing a production facility, warehouse, and offices.

The careful selection of trusted suppliers and qualified collaborators enables us to provide customers with a comprehensive service that aligns with their expectations and needs.

From the creation of the mold to the production and mechanical processing of the component, and finally to the finishing touches, we are committed to ensuring the best attention and quality for our product.

Our dedication to environmental responsibility and the continuous updating of
our facilities allow us to work in an increasingly efficient and safer manner.

Currently, the production plant in Pessano con Bornago consists of three fully automated aluminum processing machines, served by robots for the extraction and trimming of the cast.

In our production islands, a 250-ton press, a 350-ton press, and a 400-ton press are in operation.

GDK 400

This machine, purchased in 2012, shares similar characteristics with the GDK 350. It is equipped with an automatic column extraction system to facilitate and speed up the mold change process. On-machine assistance is provided by a Kawasaki J10 robot.

GDK 350

This machine, purchased at the end of 2018, is equipped with a press featuring all the
latest generation requirements, such as the rotary metal doser with lubricator and Kawasaki FS20N robot. It is also equipped with an automatic column extraction system to facilitate and speed up the mold change process.

GDK 250

This machine, purchased in 2022, is suitable for the production of medium-small
components. Completely self-sufficient, it does not require constant monitoring because it is designed with photocells to ensure production continuity, intervening only in case of anomalies. It is equipped with a rotary loader and is served by a Kawasaki J10 robot on-machine. The melting furnace has a capacity of 250 kg. The new safety systems are a strength.