Components upon customer request

In addition to offering a range of standard products, manufacture various
components upon customer request, which are used, for example, in construction industry, component manufacture, systems engineering, photovoltaic, and HVAC sectors, as well as in the creation of various structures.

Specifically, we provide:

  • Brackets for vertical walls used in construction for continuous walls and protective
  • Joints and coaxial flanges for radio bridge systems
  • Housings/Flanges for pneumatic seal pumps
  • Boxes for armored door locks
  • Angles for suction systems
  • Angles for air conditioning and heating systems
  • Angles for modular structures in aluminum profiles
  • Headers for creating curtain structures

Understanding and achieving our customers’ objectives is our greatest satisfaction! To create molds that fully reflect the customer’s idea, we use our 3D printer, allowing us to obtain samples in plastic that can concretely convey the idea of the finished piece and enable a careful physical evaluation of the part.

The close collaboration with our trusted molder facilitates direct and clear communication with the end customer, while the owner’s experience ensures a quick and satisfactory resolution of any problems or unforeseen events that may arise.